Web Application Development

Source Solutions provides massive technical experience in building web application development solutions that are strong, scalable and modern

Web Application Development Highlights

  • Relationship: A collaborative & cooperative approach between all stakeholders.
  • Consultation: Free consulting from our solution architect.
  • Analysis: Capture requirements at a high level. Requirements evolve but the timescale is fixed.
  • Communication: Active client involvement, Assign and discuss tasks. Centralize communication.
  • Talent: Skilled resources assigned based on the needs. Team is empowered to make decisions.
  • Project Management: Dedicated project manager on every project to manage team, timely deliveries and quality standards.
  • Processes: We follow standards and best practices to make sure we deliver quality products.
  • Testing: Testing is integrated throughout the project life cycle – test early and often.
  • Delivery: Develop small, incremental releases and iterate. Focus on frequent delivery.
  • Happy Customers: We have a long list of happy clients who stay with us for years or come back to us with repeat projects.

Web Application Development Solutions for you Business


We provide custom developed E-commerce solutions.

Online Booking

We provide effective online booking solutions for major industry verticals.

Social Networking

We specialize in developing easy to use interface and custom define solutions for social networking sites.


Our crowd-sourcing solutions are designed with the exceptional front-end and back-end process flow, bidding system, integration of a secure and best-suited payment process.

Our Domains

Source Solutions provides incredibly powerful and customizable solutions for any business

 Industry Focus

Industry Focus

  • Health & Fitness
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Home & Furniture
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Jewelry & Fashion
  • Food & Beverage
  • Finance & Banking
  • Retail


  • PHP
  • .NET
  • Cloud
  • Front-end
  • Database
  • iOS
  • Android


  • Startups
  • Small Medium Businesses
  • Enterprises
  • Agencies

Project Management

Project Kick-Off

  • Set up dedicated team
  • Pre-screened, well trained and vetted resources
  • Video introductory call with the team members


  • Communicate Daily or, As Frequently as You Wish
  • Directly interact with the team via Email, Skype, VOIP, Hangout etc.
  • Use Basecamp as our preferred project collaboration tool


  • 30 days of ongoing maintenance work
  • Scheduled Maintenance & Software Roadmap

Quality Assurance

  • User experience testing
  • Unit testing
  • System testing
  • Performance and load testing
  • Manual testing